Luke Black Live Allnight!


  • sobota | 21. oktobra 2017 - nedelja | 22. oktobra 2017
  • 23:00 - 05:00
  • Masarykova 24, 1000 Ljubljana

Zavod Omrežje v sodelovanju s Klubom Tiffany in s Hostlom Tresor – Ljubljana in pripravlja dvodnevni dogodek, ki ga ne gre zamuditi!

Obetavni alkimist novega popa Luke Black prihaja v Ljubljano iz Beograda, ki ga mnogi vrednotijo kot vzhodno-evropsko stičišče New Yorka in Berlina. Njegov mračni odtenek popa je prisoten na radijskih postajah New Yorka, Evrope in Kitajske, tokrat pa ga boste lahko slišale_i v živo na dveh lokacijah: v petek 20. oktobra v Tresor baru in v soboto 21. oktobra v Klubu Tiffany na Metelkovi.

Dobrodošle_i v Klub Tiffany, v soboto, 21. 10. 2017, ob 23ih!


▲ Luke Black Live Allnight ▲ 21.10. 2017▲

▲Luke Black▲

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The promising new pop alchemist Luke Black will come to Ljubljana from the city of Belgrade that many consider to be an east European crossover between New York and Berlin. Although his music is present on the radio stations from New York, over Europe to China. His dark and deep shade of pop puts him on the list of the artists to watch live on October 20th in Tresor bar and 21st in Tiffany club.

Luke Black’s songs are an unusual fusion of melancholy and optimism, which provide remarkable insights into the musical universe of this slightly eccentric artist. His vocals have recognizable color followed by catchy melodies combined with the synth, classic piano notes and the strong electronic beats. After many concerts and tours around Europe and China, in past couple of years, the 24 years old musician has combined many influences in his pop sound. In the main base his sound brings several subgenres, cultures and influences from literature, cinematography, digital art and everything that inspires him. Luke’s music can be described as a mix of electropop, dreampop, funk, jazz, classical music and strong electronic vibe. Only a few months ago he received an endless applause after his performance in the worldwide famous club Berghain in Berlin. He combined two very different genres such as techno and opera into one, where he got such an attention with this unique mix.

His #neoslavic tribe is something that is under his creation for gathering people with the same state of mind and feeling – Slavic blood but Universal mind. He is proud to be Serbian but in the same time he wants to be accepted by what he is – tattoo and piercing lover, sometimes with shy social presents, fun and loving boy, who is proudly caring his roots in the world with his music.

Luke Black was born as Luka Ivanović in the small central Serbian city of Čačak. He has been writing and composing his own music for almost ten years in the peace and quiet of his bedroom, after which he signed the contract with Universal Music Group as the first Serbian singer stepping in the field of the world wide recognizable music scene. So far he has one published EP called “Thorns’’ and few singles out such as: “D-generation”, “Demons”, “Holding on to love”, “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Walpurgis night”; which he is going to perform live for the Slovenian audience in Ljubljana on 20th and 21st October 2017. Beside his own tracks, you will be able to hear his cover versions of the artists who inspire his music, such as Thomas Azier, Lana del Rey, Lady Gaga etc.

‘’Really excited to perform in Slovenia for the first time and to finally visit Ljubljana & see its cultural areas such as Metelkova because I heard a lot about it and it seems like a place where I would fit in perfectly. I hope I can bring the good vibe and energy at the both of the shows in Tresor bar and Tiffany club and that we’ll all enjoy together.” – says Luke Black.

This October he will present his music to Slovenian audience in Ljubljana on 20th and 21st in two different formats. On October 20th his concert will be in Tresor bar, which will be acoustic gig with Luke Black playing the piano, while the night after in club Tiffany, Luke will perform his music in a electronic format.

Here are some links of Luke Black’s music videos:

Luke Black – DEMONS – Luke Black – D-GENERATION – Luke Black – HOLDING ON TO LOVE –

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