32. festival LGBT filma – filmska delavnica


32. festival LGBT filma vabi na filmsko delavnico, ki bo potekala v soboto, 3. decembra in v nedeljo, 4. decembra 2016, v dvorani Slovenske kinoteke v Ljubljani, med 10. in 17. uro.
Delavnico bo vodil nemški režiser Jochen Hick, sicer gost festivala, potekala pa bo v angleščini. Število mest je omejeno, zato oddajte kvalitetno prijavo, ki nas bo prepričala. Pošljite jo na ales.festival@gmail.com do 4. novembra 2016.

Program delavnice:

Weekend Seminar: Queer No-Low-Budget Independent Filmmaking
This seminar is addressed to participants with LGBTIQ media interest. It might even help you on your way to sustain a modest life as a filmmaker with refreshing stories from a queer persepective!

Concept, Story and Script Development: How to develop ideas and concepts that will work! How to write your script in a way that can increase its chances of getting made – without losing your vision. Special requirements for LGBTIQ protagonists in delicate politicate, professional or personal situations.

Funding, Financing and Legal: How and where to get the money which is needed. Some basic legal advices.

Pre-production and Production: Cost effiecient film making including preparation, equipment, schedules, filming (camera, sound etc.), travel, crew.

Post-Production: Ways for cost efficient post-production, editing, thoughts for thee right codecs and formats before the filming. Color correction and sound mixing. Commentator or narrator or pure visual story telling. Titles, inserts and credits. Exhibiting formats (DCP etc.) and cost.

Festivals, Marketing and Distribution: Festival strategies. How to enter into a festival. International distribution. Theatrical release. All of this will be explained as if done by an external release company and if done just by yourself.

Please bring along your filming equipment including sound devices (including chargers and fresh storage cards or tapes), if you have got some already. If not, please bring your mobile phone or pad with movie camera device.

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